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A major face lift for my blog

blogging fonts

I guess I just got tired of the extremely simple design I previously used. The biggest change is the switch from the sans serif font Verdana to Georgia. In a way, that has rejuvenated my interest in writing because reading Georgia tastes much better. The original reason why I choose Verdana many years ago is a little embarrassing. It was the only font that rendered well without anti-aliasing on my Linux machine. :-) Hopefully Georgia will look decent too. It certainly does on Windows and mobile devices. The next thing on my list of things to fix on my blog is to somehow figure out how I can post using Markdown. It is a real pain to try and write well structured html on a phone. That's why I seldom bother to insert paragraph breaks.

Update: Georgia still doesn't render well with or without anti-aliasing on Linux. I'm trying to not get frustrated and investigate what the cause may be.